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My Story

Dear Vixens,

Growing up as a “Curvy” girl, it has always been impossible for me to find the right fit when it comes to everything from panties to dresses- and sugar, don’t even get me going on lingerie!


Cannot tell you how many times I have left the mall completely depressed and wanting to plop myself down at the nearest bar, with a “hefty drink” for some immediate “liquid therapy!”


Lingerie items would either fit my booty and not my boobs or fit my boobs and not my booty. UGH!


I decided to take matters into my own hands -GULP- and create an online “Boutique” for all us “Curvy Vixens” out there.


Sassy Mama Lingerie is ALL about celebrating women with FABULOUS CURVES and showing them- regardless of their age or body shape, that they too can not only look but feel amazingly beautiful in lingerie, and hopefully getting rid of the notion that you have to be a size 6 to look good in lingerie or that Plus Size Lingerie is “Frumpy and Grandama-ish!”


Sassy Mama Lingerie is FEMALE Owned & Operated IN THE USA with REAL BRANDS and NO FAKES! We personally source our plus size lingerie products here within The USA and meet with the designers throughout the year to bring you the absolute best in Plus Size Lingerie.


Love to you all,


Director, Sassy Mama Lingerie


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